We convert

commercial vehicles

to run on


Making ultra-low
emission practical for
commercial vehicle fleets

Hydrogen, the fuel
of the future, TODAY!

ULEMCo’s conversion technology

enables vehicle owners to achieve

their environmental targets without

compromise to range or

operational performance.


Conversion of standard diesel commercial vehicles to run with hydrogen enables ultra low emission mileage TODAY. In comparison to other technologies that reduce carbon emissions, hydrogen diesel combustion allows:

  1. +70% reduction of carbon dioxide emissions over standard diesel vehicles.

    With at least 150 miles range on hydrogen fuel, ultra low emission driving is possible TODAY 

  2. No reduction in pay load requirements

    The hydrogen system is fitted under the vehicle so there’s no encroachment on internal load space   

  3. No range anxiety (running on diesel is always available if hydrogen is not)

    The system automatically switches to diesel when the on board hydrogen store has been used, giving the full range between fuelling of standard vehicle     

  4. Cost effective low carbon solution with proven technology

    The capital cost of conversion to Hydrogen is relatively cheap when compared to other low carbon solutions, and being based on combustion is well known technologically. Vehicles fitted with the kit are on the road TODAY performing real life commercial duties.  

  5. Reduced DPF issues/constraints when vehicle are used in stop start duty cycles

    The emissions when using Hydrogen fuel have zero particulate levels, which extends the time needed between DPF cycles, particularly when the vehicle is used for extensive short, stop start duties