Refuelling with Hydrogen

Hydrogen refuelling via the ever growing network of hydrogen filling stations across the UK can be completed in minutes, enabling low emission mileage with all the flexibility of conventional vehicles. Customers have the option to set up an account with current hydrogen fuel suppliers, or install their own onsite refuelling capability.


Current Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (HRS)

As of the summer 2014 there are nearly a dozen actively used filling stations around the UK where hydrogen fuel can be supplied for vehicles.  Filling with hydrogen is as simple and as quick as filling with conventional fuel. The suppliers of hydrogen to these stations will provide youwith an account and an access code or key, and then you can fill up and go. As part of the conversion process we will facilitate your account set up process.


Planned UK national network of HRS

A further dozen filling stations are in the planning process at various locations in the UK. In addition the UK H2Mobility project has shown that a national network of 65 stations by 2020 that would provide sufficient coverage for the initial roll out of hydrogen vehicles.



On site refuelling

Refuelling capability can be provided at your site based on delivered hydrogen from one of the current suppliers, or we can install on site generation capability. The latter generally involves connecting on site renewable generation technologies such as wind or solar to an electrolyser which will make the hydrogen for you in situ. The hydrogen generated via this route is zero carbon and can allow the full localised use of renewable generation capability.