Our breakthrough has come by using Compression Ignition (Diesel) engines, which enables us to apply our know how to optimise the combustion process, to replace significant quantities of diesel with hydrogen, and control for by-products, at the same time as being very efficient (40%).

By using the vehicles existing emission controls systems such as EGR, SCR etc, we also ensure tailpipe emissions meet or exceed standards.

This opens the door to the use of hydrogen today, in a whole range of commercial vehicle applications where other approaches to reducing emissions, are either too expensive, impractical or compromise vehicle performance.

The real world driving experience
In truth, there’s little for us to say with regards to what it’s like to drive in dual fuel mode, as we’ve specifically designed the system to make sure that there’s no obvious difference in performance.
We do provide an ECO mode that limits overall speed, which tends to be the preferred mode for our customers – after all they are converting their vehicle because they want to be energy efficient!
We design the systems so that the tanks won’t interfere with load space, for instance under the chassis. There is some impact to payload, with the weight of the tank system, however this is significantly less than would be needed to give the equivalent power/range from a battery.
Filling up with hydrogen will take about 5 mins, depending on the fill volume needed.

Our van customers get about 160-180 miles in the dual fuel mode, and there’s always diesel when the hydrogen has run out.
Depending on the duty cycle, and the drivers style the diesel mpg in dual fuel mode will go to around 75-85mpg, with 70% of the energy coming from hydrogen.

Specification & components for dual fuel conversions
The hydrogen conversion includes the following:

  • 350 bar (5000 psi) storage tanks (volume dependent on vehicle space)
  • 350 bar refuelling pressure nozzle
  • 350 bar pressure pipework & regulators
  • Injection system
  • Dual Fuel switch and unique H2ICED® engine control unit
  • Wiring system and safety components
  • Appropriate vehicle road use paperwork
  • Data management system (where needed)
  • 24/7 support & training
  • Maintenance and service package
  • 12 month free warranty

Hydrogen dual fuel conversion:

  • A practical route to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality
  • Without compromise to duty cycle, range and payload volume
  • For a range of vehicle types, particularly large commercial vans and HGV