Introducing ULEMCo

Liverpool-based ULEMCo was founded in 2014 to commercialise intellectual property, know-how and capability in hydrogen combustion and fuel cell technology for transport applications. The company converts vehicles, machines and equipment to enable them to run on zero-carbon hydrogen fuel. This gives fleet managers and equipment owners the immediate opportunity to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions significantly, without the need to radically transform their operations and asset utilisation.

Meet the Leadership Team

Amanda Lyne

Amanda Lyne

Managing Director and Co-Founder

Having worked in hydrogen and fuel cells for some time, I am passionate about delivering solutions for customers that will actually help them make a significant difference to their carbon emissions now, not just sometime in the future.

With over 20 years’ experience in the hydrogen and fuel cell technology sector, Amanda is a specialist in the commercialisation of clean tech businesses. 

She is the current Deputy Chair of UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association and during her career has held senior positions, most notably in the Chlor-Alkali industry, which produces hydrogen as a bi-product of the chlorine production process. In fact, she has worked in sectors related to the hydrogen economy her whole career.

Robert Joyce

Dr Robert Joyce

Non-Executive Chairman

Hydrogen fuel has a key role to play in the commercial vehicle sector and the extensive roll out of this technology will provide an important contribution to a reduced carbon economy.

Bob Joyce, joined ULEMCo in May 2020, to support the company’s growth aspirations, using his background in the automotive sector, extensive networks across industry and track record in helping similar businesses achieve market success. 

He was recognised by Debrett’s as one of the UK’s Top 500 most influential people in 2015, and in the Top 15 for industrial and technology development.

What they say

“The significance of hydrogen fuel as an alternative to carbon-based fuels is increasingly clear. We are delighted to support the initiative to make an immediate contribution to improving air quality in Aberdeen "

Daniel Jackson

OEM Engine Sales & Applications Manager

JCB Power Systems

“Deploying dual fuel conversions in ‘back to base’ utility vehicle applications allows us to offer our customers around the globe an immediate and highly practical option to reducing their emissions”

Graham Howlett

UK General Manager

Bucher Municipal

 “We’re really looking forward to getting our new hydrogen tanker on the roads – to have the first of its kind in the industry is really exciting and shows that we are committed to reducing our carbon output"

David Hibbs

Transport General Manager

Yorkshire Water

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