FC Rx power module

Electric vans provide the opportunity for ZERO emission driving. However, finding routes and duties to use them based on rechargeable battery power alone, is limited because of range, and charging time. In addition, the vehicle’s quoted range does not take into account the practicalities of normal use, including seasonal variation, load carrying, use of power take off equipment and driving on gradients. Range extension provides flexibility, and allows for increased electric vehicle utilisation and duty cycle options. ULEMCo’s Fuel Cell Range Extension (FC Rx™) power module is specifically designed to provide vehicle operators with a zero emission, practical, route to meet a wider range of daily use cycles, particularly deliveries, engineering servicing and urban driving environments.

  • Zero emission range extension
    The extra range is provided by a hydrogen fuel cell which means that the vehicle remains zero emission (only water is emitted).
  • Double the range of the base vehicle
    The FC Rx™ power module for the Nissan eNV200 is specifically designed to provide a practical daily range for electric delivery vehicles, particularly considering load carrying requirements. The single tank option will almost double the range of the base vehicle. The quoted NEDC range for the eNV200 is 106 miles; the 8.5kW power module will give a total range of 192 miles NEDC
  • Refuel in less than 5 mins
    As the fuel cell generates electricity to power the vehicle and recharge the battery, range is only limited by the proximity to a hydrogen refuelling station. The hydrogen fuel tank can be filled in significantly less than 5 mins, giving fast and convenient access to increased range.
  • No impact on internal load space
    The range extending power module is roof mounted so that the volume of the internal load capacity remains the same