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Experts in Hydrogen Solutions for Transport

ULEMCo are the global pioneers of technology that enables commercial vehicles to convert the fuel they run on to include hydrogen.

We work with operators who have fleets of HGVs and LGVs to deploy hydrogen-powered vehicles, using zero emission hydrogen fuel as part of their strategies to reduce transport-related carbon emissions.

Our technical experts also provide practical solutions for more specialist vehicles such as refuse trucks and road sweepers.

We are passionate about what we do and the positive environmental impact it offers.

Grundon Hydrogen Fuel Bin Wagon

What we Offer

Hydrogen Dual Fuel

ULEMCo’s conversion technology, H2ICED® enables vehicle owners to substantially reduce their carbon emission targets, without compromise to usual day-to-day operations, making ultra-low emission practical for fleets of commercial vehicles.

Zero Emission Technology

We are developing a range of alternative solutions, including 100% hydrogen combustion and integrated fuel cell systems, that will provide cost effective options for the next stage of progress to zero emission tailpipe emissions.

Other Applications

Our specialist knowledge and technology can be applied in a range applications such as off-road machinery, marine and port operations and stationary power, enabling a variety of users to access the benefits of hydrogen as a zero-carbon fuel.

Why work with us?

We are a company developed by industry leaders, with worldwide connections, so we are well-positioned to assist with your green transport journey, helping you get on the road to zero without delay. 

DAF Hydrogen Fuel Road Sweeper Truck

Our Expertise

As the leading specialist in integrating hydrogen into commercial vehicles, our core-expertise is based on the global, unique technologies we design, launch and continue to develop, alongside working closely with our clients to provide them with future innovative solutions.

Our Mission

We are committed to using our expertise to create a cleaner environment for future generations, whilst remaining at the forefront of providing new hydrogen technology to the transport industry, worldwide.

Our Technical Support

Our engineers and technical team are focussed on providing all the support our customers need to get the most out of using our hydrogen fuel solutions in real-world duties. We fit remotely accessible monitoring and diagnostic tools on all our products, which enables us to provide immediate advice on any problems, as well as providing continuous improvements to optimise their operation to fit client’s particular circumstances.

Our Track Record

We have converted an ever-growing number of vehicles, that our customers use day in and day out in real world operations, accumulating hundreds of thousands of miles (km) of data on their robustness and carbon emission savings. Consequently, we have built a huge amount of practical know-how we can share with customers to integrate hydrogen fuel into their fleets from training to safety reviews.

Latest News

Latest News


ULEMCo Receives Investment Boost

ULEMCo’s recent investment boost will be used to fund the acceleration of our roll-out of hydrogen mobility solutions. It will also be used to increase support to customers in Scotland.

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