115kW Equivalent Hydrogen Engine Development

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Following what is believed to be another world first for ULEMCo with hydrogen fuelled aircraft tow trucks, we have begun completion of engine testing work on a 115kW equivalent engine to demonstrate zero emission in a similar operation This will allow scale up to the use of the technology for a range of small trucks.

Both projects are based on our HyICE technology that uses hydrogen to power internal combustion engines directly, without first converting the energy into electricity. ULEMCo now has several approaches for using hydrogen fuel that include converting heavy duty vehicles to use hydrogen / diesel dual-fuel, and application of hydrogen fuel cells for range extension.

“These next steps in our progress to zero-emission hydrogen combustion form part of the range of
solutions that we offer to vehicle owners for fleetwide conversion. These can satisfy the immediate demand for
hydrogen fuelling at scale, and motivate investors in hydrogen for transport to take action now to deliver on their ambitions.”

We have less than 30 years to transform the greenhouse gas emissions from heavy
duty trucks and static machinery to mitigate climate change. This is around two
asset replacement cycles for these applications; and we have long argued that
hydrogen combustion – whether as dual-fuel or 100% hydrogen – is a
cost-effective and valuable part of the tool kit to delivering this. It is
really exciting to see that others share these views, as well as distinguished
academics like Dr Penny Atkins and the team at the Advanced Propulsion Centre, University
of Brighton who are showing how important this approach will be for our future
economy and delivery of net zero.

Amanda Lyne
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