New Business Development Manager Appointed

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Cinthia Mijares has been appointed Business Development Manager. Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, she graduated with an MEng in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Aberdeen, and has worked in the energy sector in both Mexico and the UK. Initially, she worked at construction and offshore maintenance companies, managing and providing inspection, repair, and maintenance services to ensure the integrity of offshore assets in the Gulf of Mexico. Subsequently, Cinthia specialized in offshore asset maintenance.

Cinthia’s transition to the clean energy sector began when she moved to the role of Business Development Manager for a company providing services to the renewable sector. Her responsibilities included leading market acquisition and retention strategies to maximize sales growth and optimize profits for the UK, Mediterranean Sea, and Black Sea regions. In this role, she was also responsible for selling the first system to cater to the SOV/CSOV market, which marked an important turning point in the company’s commitment to the renewable energy sector.

As a Petroleum Engineer turned Business Development Manager, Cinthia’s experience allows for the useful and flexible application of her technical background to the ever-developing and multifaceted business conditions of the energy industry. Cinthia travels to Mexico regularly (as she misses her Mexican food!).

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