2-3 vehicleULEMCo are pleased to announce success for their R&D grant application to support further development of the hydrogen dual fuel technology for HGV, in a project aimed at increasing the diesel displacement rate to nearer 70% (currently around 40% for trucks). This project will prove the technologies’ ability to deliver real driving emission (RDE) tests that beat world best standards for a heavy-duty vehicle by applying innovative approaches to managing NOx emissions, particularly looking at the alternatives to existing urea (Adblu®) based selective catalyst reduction systems and cutting edge emission management control strategies.

As part of this project ULEMCo are looking for commercial vehicle owners to sponsor the project by providing a truck(s) with real world duties in London so that the extent of the emission reduction can be thoroughly demonstrated. Sponsorship would enable the vehicle to be converted to hydrogen dual fuel at cost price; plus allow the sponsor to participate actively in the process to complete the extensive emission tests, giving advance understanding of the future potential of the technology to save fleet costs and meet upcoming air quality standards.
To find out more please contact Amanda Lyne at alyne@ulemco.com or call 07966 341805

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